Fellowship Groups


  • Welcome to MercyLife. We are a group of singles and marrieds of all ages who meet together for edification in order to be equipped to share the Gospel to others throughout the week. Our desire is to magnify the worth of Christ through the faithful preaching and teaching of His Word, and to encourage and edify His people through loving fellowship with one another. We have a number of small group Bible studies throughout Lake county that provide life-on-life discipleship relationships, as our members seek to apply biblical principles in the context of everyday life. Enjoy browsing our events page for more details about our next meeting location and times, we would love to have you come and worship with us sometime. Our pastor, would love to welcome you personally, so be sure to say hello!   

The Guild

  • The GUILD is a fellowship group for Christian singles who desire to worship Jesus Christ in Spirit and in truth and deepen their knowledge and love for Him through prayer, faithful study and obedience to the Word. 
  • The GUILD stands for "Godly Unity in Life and Doctrine." Through the preaching and teaching of God's Word, we desire to grow in spiritual maturity into the likeness of Christ and be bound together in love and unity. Unity among believers is possible only when it is built upon the foundation of biblical doctrine. 
  • The GUILD meets on Fridays at 7:30 p.m. Please see our events page for additional information about us. Come and join us. There are times the GUILD will not meet on a Friday due to a retreat, a conference at church etc., so we will post this info in the website calendar.  


  • Welcome to Sojourners, a group of singles and marrieds of all ages. We call ourselves "Sojourners" to remind us that we are foreigners here on earth – in the world, but not of the world – for our citizenship is in heaven (Phil. 3.20). On Sunday mornings, Sojourners meets for a time of fellowship, food, music, prayer, and teaching. The teaching focuses on Old Testament themes and persons, with New Testament and real life application. Our class pastor instructs, exhorts, corrects and motivates us to godly living. Like other fellowship groups, we provide opportunities to serve the body of Christ in ministry. Prayer time has been a hallmark of Sojourners from the beginning. We maintain a prayer sheet, which is available in class, supplemented throughout the week with email updates. Sojourners has several Bible studies throughout the week. Visit the events page for more information. Additional information about Sojourners is available in class.  


  • We are members of Mercy Baptist Church (mostly young to middle-aged marrieds) who live to exult and proclaim Christ. We meet weekly on Sunday morning to worship through fellowship, prayer, music, and most of all, through learning from God's Word. Like every ministry at Mercy Baptist Church, we are committed to expository preaching, to walking through the Text of Scripture and watching God transform us and others through His Word. On top of our Sunday meetings, we gather throughout the month in smaller home Bible studies to pray, to encourage each other, and to continue feeding on Scripture. Furthermore, we at Cornerstone are highly missions-minded. In short, we want to know Christ and make Him known, here and around the world.